30 Haziran 2009 Salı

Chinese ink photos of Constance Lake - Konstanz Gölü`nden çini mürekkebi fotolar

The old Roman Castle in Bregenz, currently serves as a hotel, Vorarlberg Austria, May 2009

Lion of Bavaria, Lindau, May 2009-Germany
Lindau's famous harbour, which is still regarded today as the most attractive anywhere on Lake Constance, was completed in 1856. The 6m high monument with the lion looking over the lake is a work by the sculptor Johann von Halbing. The Bavarian heraldic emblem flanks the harbour entrance together with the 33m high lighthouse. Thousands of lights create a magical harbour atmosphere.

Lindau Harbour, Konstanz Lake, May 2009

The Diebsturm, Lindau, May 2009, Bavaria, Germany

The Diebsturm, also called the Malefizturm or Stadtknechtsturm, was built around 1370 as the most westerly point of the old town wall. In the Middle Ages, it served as a prison. The coloured roof tiling originates from the last century.

Bregenz, May 2009, Austria

Konstanz Lake, May 2009, Austria

Konstanz Lake, May 2009 Austria

Konstanz Lake, May 2009 Austria

Konstanz Lake, May 2009 Austria

Surf on Bodensee, May 2009 ,Germany

Pfander, May 2009, Austria

Freedom, Bodensee, May 2009

Gone with the wind, The Alps, May 2009

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