18 Şubat 2009 Çarşamba


Nermin & Nur Sisters, Ankara- February 2009

Little Sister

Well, I dated your big sister
And took her to a show
I went for some candy
Along came jim dandy
And they snuck right out of the door
Ev’ry time I see your sister
Well she’s got somebody new
She’s mean and she’s evil
Like that old boll weevil
Guess I’ll try my luck with you
Well, I used to pull your pigtails
And pinch your turned-up nose
But you been a growin
’And baby, it’s been showin’
From your head down to your toes
Little sister, don’t you
Little sister, don’t you
Little sister,
don’t you kiss me once or twice
Then say it’s very nice
And then you run
Little sister, don’t you
Do what your big sister done

Elvis Presley

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